Workshops Stretch Festival

Beim Stretch Festival vom 15.-17. April bin ich mit zwei Workshops vertreten:

Am Freitag geht es los mit einem Workshop der höfische Tänze nutzt: „Dancing Queen. A baroque dance indulgence for queer men*“

​In this workshop we will use simple elements of baroque and renaissance dance and turn them into a queer indulgence. After all, what can be queerer than a veritable baroque ball? This will not only be great campy fun. We switch into new personas that we create during the workshop. Let’s hold court to address questions such as: how can we move with grace and dignity? Who would we each invite in to staff our respective personal court? How to court someone with proper style? And finally, how can we transition from this back into our everyday lives?

Im zweiten Workshop zusammen mit Steffen Taubert nutzen wir Natur für Körperarbeit und Tanz: „Queer Nature Inside“ findet am Samstag statt.

Nature is around us, nature nourishes us, gives strength and life. It is a place of longing and refuge. In this workshop we want to bring nature into the festival as imagination and an inner place. With body-oriented individual and couple exercises as well as dance improvisation we will experience what nourishes us, gives us strength and offers us refuge. In doing so, we explore our limits and, playfully, get in touch with ourselves and other men.

Ich freue mich, viele von Euch bei Stretch in Präsenz wieder zu sehen!