Workshop: Queer Nature

Steffen Taubert and I invite you to a workshop with body work and dance out in nature. For more information and registration follow this link. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Queer Nature

Much of queer life is based in the city with its promise of allowing queers to carve out their own spaces. The flip-side of this allure is a foreclosure of spaces outside the city as places of queer life: rural places and nature as such.
Yet, nature can be a place of refuge from the pressures and demands of urban life; a source of healing; a place of solitude, retreat, and shelter. This goes in particular for forests. By helping us to switch off and lose ourselves, forests are mediators between a connection to ourselves and the world at large. 

In Japan and South Korea, the conscious forest experience "Shinrin-yoku" (forest bathing) has a long tradition and helps people balance body and mind. In this workshop, we will experience the forest environment more consciously and discover ways to connect more intensely with ourselves and others. We will use bodywork, dance/movement, and different media to finetune our sense of nature and start to listen to how it echoes in our bodies. The forest will help us step back and make conscious choices about ourselves as well as build closeness with others. 

This is an invitation to spend an entire day at a carefully selected, beautiful spot in Grunewald together with a group of other queer men. 
Please bring a blanket or a large towel. Since we are in the forest for a long time, think also of enough water and sunscreen. If you like, you can also bring something to eat for a potluck lunch.

This event will be held in German or English depending on the needs of the group