über mich

From Head Work ...

I started out as a sociologist with an interest in what shapes people, what motivates them and how they live together. This turned me into a head worker first and sharpened my analytical eye for anything human. Today I benefit from this as my interest in people has shifted towards therapeutic work using dance.

... to Bodywork: Dance and Improvisation ...

Only much later dance and improvisation showed me how head work ignores the body and that the body is the basis and medium for anything we do and are. Through dance I could learn to feel my body anew, be touched by the world around me in novel ways and find new forms of expression.
For me that has been a rather healing experience. At the same time it is an essential element in dance therapy -- something I want to make available for others as a dance therapist. Therefore I completed the training as an Instructor for Therapeutic Dance (DGT) and currently undergo training as an Integrative Dance Therapist DGT®.

Steps and Qualifications

  • since 2023 dance therapist at Königin Elisabeth Herzberge Hospital, Berlin
  • 2023 co-organizer of the Research Conference Dance Therapy at MSH Hamburg.
  • work shadowing placements and substitutions in several clinics in and outside of Berlin
  • 2021 Non-Medical Practitioner for Psychotherapy (Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie, HPG)
  • since 2020 Training as an Integrative Dance Therapist DGT®
  • 2018-2021 Training as Instructor for Therapeutic Dance, DGT
  • 2012 Doctorate in sociology, University of Leipzig



Dr. Jochen Kleres
0176 47 111 689
info (at) jochenkleres.de