About Dance Therapy & My Approach

What is Dance Therapy

Dance therapy uses the potential of dance for healing and growth. It works with the body and its movements and addresses the accumulated experience of life stored in our bodies. This helps us re-work the things that have forged and continue to forge our lives.

For this reason dance therapy is used widely for the treatment of mental health problems but also to further self-experience and personal growth. In numerous clinics it is an established part of the treatment, ranging from psychiatric through psychosomatic to pain clinics.


As a dance therapist I find it important to build sustainable relationships with clients based on mutual respect and appreciation. An important part of my work is to accompany people in exploring their life and support them in changing it in ways that are good for them. Like dance, therapy is communication.

As a sociologist I focus not only on individual but also on social conditions. I want to accompany people and support them as they find ways of dealing with the individual and social conditions they are facing.

Diversity and Inclusion

Based in my own queer experience as well as my work on racism, gender and sexuality, disablement and inclusion I strive for a practice that is sensitive of and respectful to diversity. This includes continuous reflection of my own at times privileged position. In this way I want to contribute to developing therapeutic services that empower people to deal with social conditions rather then cementing them.

Below you will find more information about my therapeutic services as well as Workshops & Dance Practice.

Dance Therapy Consultations

I work on the geronto- and general psychiatric wards at Königin Elisabeth Herzberge Hospital, Berlin. I also offer individual cosulations in Berlin. My workshops rather focus on personal growth.

Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Workshops & Dance Practice

Workshops and classes may focus more on self-experience or rather more on dance itself.

  • Mondays, 20:00: 1-2 times per month I take turn with others to teach contact improvisation for broadly conceived queer men* at Village e.V. Dates are listed in the News section section as well as at the bottom of the web page.
coming up/in the making
  • new dates: the workshop on queer loneliness at the Village wird fortgesetzt, und zwar am 9.4. + 2.5. + 11.6. + 9.7.2024. Teilnahme wie vorher kostenlos, mehr Infos unter News section.